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X-Valuation Launched to Support Property Valuations by Institutions.

X-ValuationTM software consists of an instantaneous property valuation, analytic tools, and appraisal documents all rolled into one application. It is an ideal second opinion for valuers, accountants, mortgage bankers, lawyers, credit risk analysts and other property-related professionals.

SINGAPORE, 10 March 2015/PRNewswire/ --- StreetSine Singapore Pte. Ltd. today announced the launch of X-Valuation , its latest real-time property application.

The application instantly calculates residential property values and rents with real-time information from StreetSine's databases, which is Singapore's most comprehensive source for property information.

X-Valuation overlays data from over thirty public and private property databases onto nine different maps.

Its intuitive interface allows professionals to review computer-generated valuations, analyze property comparables, and create reports.

At the heart of X-Valuation is X-Value, which is the pricing standard in Singapore's property market. There are currently over 60,000 X-Value calculations requested per month . Government agencies, universities, and research organizations rely on StreetSine's trusted information to evaluate and determine policy.

StreetSine and SRX Property developed X-Value and X-Valuation in association with government agencies, academics, and leading valuers to integrate their perspective into the workflow of the application.

For more information on how X-Valuation can help your business, please view the X-Valuation brochure or contact John Graves at

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